Shut up body and do what I tell you

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Well it finally happened.
After biking for 7 continuous years throughout california and south korea, one could say the inevitable happened on a misty city night at 9 pm.

I was hit from behind by a a car

It was a normal monday night. I biked out to a nearby city to meet my student for class like i do every monday and thursday. I was taking the same route i always do. I had front and rear lights, a helmet, booties, and my whits about me, all senses functioning properly.
While descending down a short/ steep hill through the misty rain, there came a bump behind me and it’s as if my mind went blank and went into instinctive survival mode because my conscience awoke when i was sliding down the slippery asphalt backwards. I didn’t know what i was doing, nor was i aware of how fast i was sliding because i remember trying to stop or slow myself down to no avail. It felt like i was sliding out of control for a long time.
When i finally came to a halt, i realized what had caused me to fall, as a black sedan continued driving down the street, dragging my bike under the front bumper.
Was this really happening?
Why wasn’t he stopping?
I grabbed my saddle from the road which had broken off. As i tried to focus on the car which was stopped at the intersection, the light turned green and he turned left through the intersection with my bike still holding on helplessly.
I started to run and was yelling at the top of my lungs.
I started to run in my cleats down the hill. Was i suddenly in a hit and run scenario? I couldn’t see his license plate. I was alone and helpless. Then he pulled over to the right side.
I ran to his car, knocked on his window and he responded begrudgingly
As if i was somehow inconveniencing him. I was so confused.
I stood in front of his car, in his headlights while he honked his horn as if trying to tell me to get out of his way.
Was this really happening? Of course it is, but why?
Another man came to assist the situation, a kind middle aged third party soul. The driver finally emerged and stumbled toward us. He was in a daze, unable to focus both eyes on the trauma and carnage that was directly in front of him.
He was drunk, 0.184% drunk. If his slurred speech and inability to stand or walk straight were no clear indication, his breathalyzer test revealed the grave mistake in its whole severity.
The cops showed up, i was put in an ambulance, and spent the next 6 hours in the ER, wet, sore, and bleeding. After countless x-rays and radiation ct scans, i went home with bare feet, a sore body, and a luck and appreciation for being alive that i can’t describe.

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